Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Running behind Schedule!

Apologies to all Participants in the Autumn Exchange, I am running behind schedule in allocating partners. 

I am hoping to have partners assigned by the end of the week and I am so sorry about any inconvenience it has caused.

However please don't let that stop you from getting started on your creations.


  1. don't you worry Katie, I'm sure there are many others out there like me who have already planned what they are making :) it will happen in time for Easter, no trouble!

  2. Hi Katie - yes! Don't worry, it will all come together.
    I am away from home for a week, due back on the 14th April - my parcel is ready for it's journey - plenty of time!
    Allison B - Geraldton WA

  3. Hi there I have just come across all of this and I would like to be part of your next exchange. How do I go about becoming part of all the fun? Warmly, Alison xxx

    Here are my details...