Thursday, March 10, 2011

Summertime Swap 2010

As we say goodbye to summer, it is surely time to share some images from our Summertime swap. 

The Summertime 2010 swap was an overwhelming success and it was wonderful to receive such wonderful feedback from participants.

Here are some of the wonderful creations from participants. 

Firstly, a big thanks to Amber Greene from who encouraged me to set up the exchange. Her blog is truly inspiring, very assessable to a newcomer like me, honest and very motivating.  I only know Amber via her blog and the email replies she has sent to me when I have commented on her blog. Her words of encouragement really got the whole thing going. So a BIG thank you Amber for taking the time to write back and for sharing your thoughts and ideas. Have a look at this beautiful summertime play scene Amber made for swap buddy Jay.

Here is the little parcel I sent to my swap partner Lizi in Western Australia. It was my first attempt at making a stuffed felt toy and I decided on a dolphin as I live by the coast in Newcastle, NSW and I cherish the moments when I get to see a pod of dolphins while swimming at the beach over summer.


I also included some shells I have collected with my children, an etching of myself swimming laps in the ocean baths [pre-kids when I did that sought of thing...must get back into it!] and little dolphin button and fabric sample.

In return Lizi made the most ethereal and delicate Summertime Angel which graced our Christmas tree and then  looked over our summer time Nature table.

My breath was just taken away when I opened the parcel from Lizi , the care and thought behind the contents was really touching and I am so thankful to have met Lizi through our little swap. There was beautiful hand written letter [that I also kept on the nature table], a tea towel from her Rainbow Playgroup and the most delicious recipe book also put together by the Rainbow Playgroup. If the recipe book and tea towel is anything to go by, that playgroup must be wonderful!

A beautiful gnome, tree and mushroom home made by Nikki Fletcher. Sent all the way to USA to her partner Peggy Bloom. Nikki's seems a master with felt and has a beautiful blog where she shares her inspiring creations.

In return Peggy Bloom created the most delightful little peg dolls and summertime lantern.

Peggy has mastered the art of the elegant peg doll creations and is busy organising a peg doll swap which you can read about on her beautiful blog  

Kat, from was delighted to receive "a lovely knitted mermaid from our swap partner Mary. She even has a gorgeous necklace of little tiny shells! My daughter LOVES mermaids, so she was delighted with her. She sits in just one of the lovely shells sent from the Tasmanian beach where Mary lives. We also received a small summer bird and a lovely shell necklace for Lily to wear.....[in return] sent some busy buzzy bees, a little blossom fairy and some shells from our local beach here in Melbourne "

I can recommend reading Kats blog for a truly honest account and insights into her life. I respect and admire her honesty as that can be hard to do in blogland! 

Kyla busy mum of 5 [!!!] somehow managed to squeeze in the time to make a delightful dove mobile "filled with love and is in the spirit of Christmas" It is a mother dove looking after beautifully crafted baby doves.

Helena from NZ sent a window sun, a lantern with led candle, and summertime sprite to her partner in Natalie Australia. Here is Helena's beautiful summertime display in New Zealand before it is sent to Australia.
 ..and here it is on Natalie's Summer Nature Table in Australia.

Natalie has beautiful post on her blog about her nature table and    ..."the lovely little sprite was given to us by Helena, our swap partner from the Southern Hemisphere Summertime Exchange. Isn't she so sweet. Thanks Helena!"

Natalie created Helena a gorgeous little mermaid and felted play scape that was sent to New Zealand via a stint with customs where her beautiful locks were taken.

Natalie has a heartwarming write up on her blog about how  Helena lovingly restored her hair. Read this lovely story

Shannon also made a stunning mermaid but this time a brunette for her partner Kris. Shannon's blog is full of seasonally inspired craft and she shares a lovely write up about the swap on her blog

In exchange Kris, from made a felted "mother summer" and little gnome which has the most stunning uplifting colors. You can read about her craft, family and education experience at her blog or maybe even follow her tutorial and make your own wool doll

Christine Heart is the most gifted felt artist and made this incredible summer sculpture! Extraordinary and bursting with life!

You can see more of her incredible felt work on her blog at but here in her own word Christine writes about her ideas and final summer exchange creation

"....The first image that came to mind was of Sunflowers.  Their heads always turning to salute the sun; their garb the very colours of summer and their presence beams such a cheerful essence. Sunflowers. Summerflower, now a world-wide symbol that has taken on such relevance and importance. Not only is the sunflower an indicator of the season but it is a plant used to reclaim wasteland, to detoxify soil and as a symbol of world peace. How utterly perfect.
And then she emerged, Summer, full of hope and joy. For luck a ladybird popped in and, to symbolise transformation, a butterfly.  Summer resplendant is here. "

You can also view some more images at  that I wasn't able to upload on this entry. In particular look for creations by Sara from,  Belinda from ,
Paisley from and a beautiful beach play mat made by Felicity .  

PLEASE feel free to upload your own images of your creations or the items that you received. It would be lovely to share our creations.

So there you have a lovely little snapshot of some of the creations that emerged out of the Summer 2010 exchange. It was a wonderful privilege to co-ordinate the swap and I have to thank everyone who promoted the exchange on their blog, who let their friends know and who particpated and gave it a go. 

It has been so lovely meeting you via your emails and I have really enjoyed the process.

Thanks again and sign up for the Autumn Exchange if you would like to do it again!


  1. Wow! such talent. Thank you for orginising the swap and for being brave enough to do it all again for autumn.

  2. Great post, Katie. I'm going to repost this on MamaMoontime. What amazing, talented crafts people entered the swap. I'm busy thinking of my autumn make as we speak!